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Informations relatives au coronavirus

En raison des mesures nationales prises actuellement pour limiter la propagation du coronavirus, la Ville de Chambéry met tout en oeuvre pour assurer la continuité des services publics essentiels et pour en informer les habitants.

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Info coronavirus - Fermeture du Musée de Chambéry

En raison de l'épidémie de Coronavirus, le musée de Chambéry est fermé à partir du 15 mars jusqu'à nouvel ordre.

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The Museum fo Fine Arts of Chambéry has constituted its collections in the XIXth century thanks to many legacies and donations of important art collectors like the Baron Hector Garriod, a Savoyard Florentine inhabitant or like the first King of Itlay, Victor Emmanuel II.

Permanent exhibitions

This chronological path will offer the visitors a time travel through the history of arts, from the end of the Middle Ages to the beginning of the XXth century. Indeed, they will discover the Primitives, the Renaissance art, the Mannerism, the Barocco and the Neoclassicism but, overall, the prestigious italian collections. Surely, this collection also reveals how the history of Savoy is closely linked with the history of Italy, as, for centuries befvore the 1860 Treaty of Torino, the Piedmond-Sadinia region included Savoy. Therefore, not only the city of Chambéry was highly influenced by its neighbourg but also the great Italian collection of the museum.

A second visit?

If you are a second time visitor, don't worry, the Museum of Fine Arts is proud of about 1500 art works, and therefore the collections on display are regularly changed.