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Informations relatives au coronavirus

En raison des mesures nationales prises actuellement pour limiter la propagation du coronavirus, la Ville de Chambéry met tout en oeuvre pour assurer la continuité des services publics essentiels et pour en informer les habitants.

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Info coronavirus - Fermeture du Musée de Chambéry

En raison de l'épidémie de Coronavirus, le musée de Chambéry est fermé à partir du 15 mars jusqu'à nouvel ordre.

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Welcome to our beautiful museum, one of the hot spots of the city centre and a genuine cultural crossroads of the Savoy region.

This museum offers the visitors a cultural heritage break, surrounded by our rich natural heritage. It is an important testimony of the indeniable link between Savoy and Italy, and more specifically between Chambéry and Torino.

The visitor will discover not only the « classical » works of art through the time but also new artists thanks to the wide collections of art but also numerous events and exhibitions.