A first building was erected at the beginning of the XIXth century to serve as a grain market.

This covered market called « Grenette » was a genuine hubbub in the city centre and quickly evolved through the time.

From 1889, after the annexation of Savoy and Nice to France and in the middle of the restless Belle Époque, the grain market was turned into a neoclassical « Museum-Library ». The architect, François Pelas, added two more floors and a great stairs, shaping the final building. The library was on the first floor, the museum on the second and the groundfloor was dedicated to sculptures and an art school.

When the media library Jean-Jacques Rousseau was opened in 1992, the whole library section was moved to the brand new place, leaving space for the over-crowded wollections of the museum. The building became therefore a Museum of Fine Arts.

A major restoration campaign was undertaken from 2009 to 2012 and gave a new life to the museum, revealing great windows and a huge and luminous glass roof. A mezzanine floor was also added in order to enlarge the exhibition spaces.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Chambéry houses a large collection of arts that the visitor can discover through four floors :

- the grounfloor hosts the reception desk, the Art Lending Library and a bookshop-tearoom called « Quai des Arts »

- the first floor shows the temporary exhibitions

- the second floor reveals the permanent exhibition

- the mezzanine floor discloses the « turning » permanent exhibition