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Living places. Recounting and enjoying museum experiences

The project

A project by Circolo dei lettori – the first public space in Italy dedicated to reading – that involves the Museo Egizio and two museums in the city of Chambéry: Musée des Beaux-arts and Les Charmettes. Maison de Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Cofinanced by the Interreg-Alcotra European Regional Development Fund, its objective is to use the power of narration to offer a new way of visiting places of art and culture. Thanks to the app, you can listen in English to stories by Altan, Niccolò Ammaniti and Antonio Manzini, Maylis De Kerangal, GauZ’, Nathalie Gendrot, Carlo Lucarelli, Alice Rohrwacher and Roberto Saviano, and enjoy your museum experience in a new way.

The partners


Born in 2006, supported by the Piedmont Region, it is the first public space in Italy devoted entirely to reading. A dynamic, curious, innovative cultural center that offers over 130 meetings a month.


Founded in 1824, it is the oldest museum in the world dedicated to Pharaonic civilization; it preserves the biggest collection of Egyptian antiquities after the one at the Museum in Cairo.


Built in 1889, completely renovated in 2012, the museum features a rich collection of Italian and Savoy paintings from the 14th century to the present, and offers visitors a program of temporary exhibits in the monumental space of the ancient library.


“Isolated house on the side of a valley”: so Jean-Jacques Rousseau describes the residence where he lived between 1736 and 1742 devoting himself to music and writing.


Musée des Beaux-Arts

Pimpa and the animals in Chambéry - Altan

Dragons Doriano and Doroteo have many stories to tell to Pimpa.



Murder at the Museum - Carlo Lucarelli

Mysteries, crimes and ghosts. It is time to find out who the killer is with the thriller master, director, screenwriter and television host.



Les Charmettes, maison de Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Jean-Jacques, egg of Charmettes  - Gauz

From the pen of the writer from Ivory Coast, the dialogue of Rousseau with himself.



The visit - Nathalie Gendrot

The young writer and director imagined the arrival of an unexpected guest in the home of the philosopher. Who will it be?



Museo Egizio

5 stories